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Festivals of the LORD reveal Bible Prophecy about End Times.   |   The History of Hanukkah Foreshadows the Reign of Antichrist!   |   Asteroids in Bible Prophecy Reveal End Times and the Rapture   |   Why is it so Important to Study "Bible Prophecy"?   |   Bible Study rule #1: Study Bible prophecy in proper context!   |   Resurrection and the Rapture   |   Interpreting "Revelation"   |   The Day of Trumpets: The 7th Trumpet or Last Trumpet Sounds!   |   End Times Prophecy Must Be Studied with a "Hebraic-Mind Set"      |   Before Wheat is Gathered into the Barn, it Must be Threshed!   |   Who Are the Twenty-Four Elders of Revelation?   |   To Him Who Overcomes   |   Can Jesus Christ return at any moment to rapture the church?   |   Is there Evidence that Proves the Bible is Divinely Inspired?   |   Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and The Day of Atonement   |   Sit at My Right Hand Until I Make Your Enemies a Footstool!   |   The seventh day is a Sabbath to the LORD, assembly and rest   |   Gideon - A Prophetic Picture   |   The Prayer of Jabez   |   1,000 Year Renewal of the Garden of Eden   |   Missing Bees, Cell Phones and Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy!   |   Those Who Were Sealed:144,000 from All the Tribes of Israel   |   All of Creation Bears the Image and Likeness of Our Creator!   |   The joy of the LORD is our strength, how can we know His joy?   |   Messianic prophecies fulfilled by Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ)   |   Christ Who Was Born King of the Jews is Both Savior and Lord.   |   What Do Jews Believe About Hell?   |   The Messiah is the Son of David   |   Until the Rebellion Occurs   |   Who Is Mystery Babylon The Great Mother of Prostitutes?   |   DO YOU KNOW?   |   Now I Know   |   Sharing the Gospel with a Rabbinical Student   |   Fasting and Prayer: Spiritual Power to Set the Oppressed Free   |   Just Pray No! Ltd. "Weekend of Prayer"   |   The Testimony of Author Steven L. Sherman   |   THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST: Understanding the Apocalypse   |   Christianity versus Cults and Counterfeits - Defining Cults   |   Church of the Latter-Day Saints, Joseph Smith & the Mormons   |   Is Catholicism True Orthodox Christianity or a Christian Cult?   |   Is this the Dawn of a New Age or just Old Fashioned Paganism?   |   Is Seventh-Day Adventism Christianity or is SDA Cultism?     |   Islam: The Religion of "Peace" Bent on Conquest   |   The Claims of Freemasons vs. the Hidden Truth of Freemasonry   |   The Jehovah’s Witnesses: True Christianity or Christian Cult?   |   The True History and Practices of the Church of Scientology!   |   Yes, In the Beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth!   |   "Looking Back to Day Six of Creation and the Garden of Eden"   |   The Fall of Man, the Curse of Sin, and the Promised Redeemer   |   The Account of Cain, Abel and Seth: the Sons of Adam and Eve   |   From Adam to Noah - Man’s Wickedness, Nephilim and the Flood   |   The LORD Told Noah and HIs Family to Go into the Ark   |   But God Remembered Noah & All the Wild Animals and Livestock   |   God’s Blessing, God’s Covenant with Noah, and Canaan’s Curse   |   "Genesis Chapter 10" - The Account of Shem, Ham and Japheth   |   The Tower of Babel & the Ancient Babylonian Mystery Religion   |   The Blessing of Abram & God’s Promised Land to His Offspring   |   Genesis Chapter 13 - "Abram Called on the Name of the LORD"   |   Genesis 14 - Abram Rescues Lot & Pays a Tithe to Melchizedek   |   Genesis 15: God’s Covenant with Abram Who Believed the LORD   |   Hagar Will Bear Abram a Son and the LORD Named Him Ishmael   |   The Covenant of Circumcision between El Shaddai and Abraham   |   The LORD Appeared to Abraham and Abraham Pleaded for Sodom   |   Genesis Chapter 19 - Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed by Angels!   |   Genesis Chapter 20 - Abraham and Sarah Deceive Abimelech   |   Genesis Ch. 21 - Sarah Bore Isaac to Abraham in Her Old Age   |   Genesis Ch.22 - Abraham is Told to Sacrifice Isaac as a Burnt Offering   |   Sarah Dies so Abraham Purchases a Field & a Cave in Hebron   |   The Servant of Abraham Was Sent Back to Get a Wife for Isaac (Genesis 24)   |   Genesis 25 – Abraham Left Everything that He Owned to Isaac!   |   Genesis 26 - Isaac Settles in Gerar & He Deceives Abimelech!   |   Genesis 27 – Jacob Deceives Isaac and Steals Esau’s Blessing     |   Traveling to Get a Wife, Jacob Dreams of a Stairway to Heaven   |   Genesis 29: Jacob is Deceived by Laban so He Will Marry Leah   |   Genesis 30 - Jacob is Blessed with Many Children and Flocks!   |   Genesis 31 - Jacob Flees from Laban then Laban Pursues Jacob   |   Genesis 32 - Jacob Prepares for Esau; then Wrestles with God   |   Genesis 33 - After Twenty Years, Jacob Reconciles with Esau   |   Simeon and Levi, Dinah’s Brothers, take Vengeance on Shechem   |   Genesis 35 - Jacob Builds an Altar to God Almighty at Bethel   |   Rejected by His Own Brothers, Joseph is a Type of the Messiah   |   Judah, his Daughter-in-law Tamar, and the Levirate Marriage   |   Joseph and the Wife of Potiphar, Captain of Pharaoh’s Guard   |   Joseph Interprets the Dreams of Pharaoh’s Cupbearer and Baker   |   Genesis 41 - Pharaoh Sends for Joseph to Interpret His Dreams   |   Genesis 42 - Joseph’s Brothers Went Down to Egypt to Buy Grain   |   Genesis 43 & 44 - Joseph’s Brothers Bring Benjamin to Egypt   |   Genesis 45 - When Joseph Made Himself Known to His Brothers!   |   Genesis 46 - Jacob and the Sons of Israel Go Down to Egypt   |   Genesis 47 - Joseph’s Father and Brothers Now Dwell in Goshen   |   Genesis 48: Jacob Blesses Manasseh and Ephraim Joseph’s Sons   |   Genesis 49 - Jacob Calls for His Sons to Assemble Before Him   |   Genesis 50 - The Egyptians and Jacob’s Family Mourn for Jacob   |   Introduction to the Book of Daniel   |   Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah are Captive in Babylon   |   Daniel Interprets Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream of a Dazzling Statue   |   King Nebuchadnezzar Made an Image of Gold Sixty Cubits High!   |   Daniel Chapter 4 - King Nebuchadnezzar Has a Fearful Dream!   |   Daniel 5 - King Belshazzar Quakes at the Writing on the Wall   |   Daniel 6 - The Scheme of the Administrators and the Satraps   |   Daniel 7 - Daniel Had a Dream and Saw Visions of Four Beasts   |   Daniel 8 - Daniel Has a Vision of a Ram with Two Long Horns   |   Daniel 9 -The Desolation of Jerusalem Would Last Seventy Years   |   Daniel 10 - A Revelation Was Revealed to Daniel in a Vision   |   Daniel 11 - The Kings of the North and South and the Antichrist   |   Daniel 12-Michael Will Arise and There Will Be Great Distress   |   An Introduction to the Book of Judges when Israel had no King   |   After Joshua Died, Israelites Fight the Remaining Canaanites   |   Judges 2 - The Israelites Disobeyed the Angel of the LORD!   |   Judges Chapter 3 - The Israelites Lived Among the Canaanites   |   Judges Chapter 4 - Deborah led Israel now that Ehud was Dead   |   The Israelites were given into the Hands of the Midianites!   |   Judges 7 - The LORD said to Gideon, "You Have too Many Men."   |   Judges Chapter 8 - Gideon Captures the Two Kings of Midian   |   Judges Chapter 9 - Abimelech Murdered His Seventy Brothers!      |   Judges Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 - Tola, Jair and Jephthah   |   Judges Chapter 12 - Jephthah defeats the Ephraimites   |   Judges Chapter 13 - The Birth of Samson Who was a Nazarite   |   Judges Chapter 14 - Samson Wants a Philistine Woman as a Wife   |   Judges Chapter 15 - Samson Takes Vengeance on the Philistines   |   Judges Chapter 16 - The Secret of Samson’s Strength Revealed   |   Judges Chapter 17 - Micah from the Hill Country of Ephraim   |   Judges Chapter 18 - In Those Days the Danites Had No King   |   Hebrews Chapter 1 - These Days He Has Spoken to Us by His Son   |   Hebrews Chapter 2 - How Shall We Ignore so Great a Salvation?   |   Hebrews Chapter 3 - Jesus is Worthy of Greater Honor than Moses   |   Hebrews Chapter 4 - A Sabbath Rest for the People of God   |   Hebrews Chapter 5 - A High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek   |   Hebrews Chapter 6 -The Things that Have to Do with Salvation   |   Hebrews Ch.7 - Jesus is a Priest in the Order of Melchizedek   |   Hebrews Chapter 8 - Jesus the High Priest of the New Covenant   |   Hebrews Chapter 9 - Regulations for Worship in the Tabernacle   |   Hebrews Chapter 10 - Christ’s Ultimate Sacrifice Once for All   |   Hebrews Chapter 11 - Great Men and Women Who Lived By Faith!   |   Hebrews Chapter 12 - Run the Race Fixing Ours Eyes on Jesus   |   Hebrews Chapter 13 - Keep On Loving, Be Pure, and Be Content